Career Connection Hub

Bridging Graduates and Industry through Competency Matching.

Skills-to-Job Matching Engine

Our platform includes an advanced matching engine that aligns graduates' competencies with job opportunities. This ensures precise alignment between graduates' skills and market needs, facilitating effective employment connections.

E-Portfolio Integration

Graduates can effectively showcase their competencies and achievements through integrated e-portfolios, offering employers a detailed view of their skills and practical experiences.

Industry Engagement Platform Streamline appraisal and guide future learning paths.

Designed to foster direct engagement between industry and graduates, this platform facilitates connections, discussions, and potential recruitment opportunities, enhancing the transition from education to employment.

Competency Verification System

Our system verifies the competencies and skills listed in e-portfolios and profiles, authenticated by instructors or assessors. This adds a layer of trust and reliability for employers seeking to hire well-qualified candidates.